Maintaining the drinking age law

Youth who drink alcohol will experience physical problems, such as hangovers or illnesses. Lowering the drinking age will lead to even more experimentation, at an age when adolescents do not have fully matured cognitive systems. Many high school students, who are ready to live the college life, go to college and get carried away with underage drinking.

Teenagers have not developed the psychological mechanisms that are needed to make thoughtful and logical decisions about alcohol use.

Underage drinking can result in long-term consequences such as unwanted, unintended, and unprotected sexual activity, as well as physical and sexual assault.

Minimum Legal Drinking Ages around the World. Not only that, but because of an adolescents inability to rationally think or make good judgments, they will most likely engage in heavy alcohol consumption which has negative health Hassan 2 affects that include liver and brain damage.

Lowering of the minimum legal drinking age would cause a number of problems including an increase in: Whatever the reasons may be, a multitude of options are available should colleges choose to institute programs to decrease instances of underage drinking on campus.

Earlier this year, the Office of the Surgeon General reported that alcohol use among teens is responsible for at least 5, deaths every year U. At 15 or even 18 years of age, a teenager is unlikely to be able to think ahead and make decisions, and for this reason, the legal drinking age is in place before Hassan 7 development has reached its conclusion.

She thought to herself. The benefits of these laws, however, continue to be debated. The drinking age should not get lowered because adolescents are not only physically or mentally not prepared, their brain does not fully develop until at least 21, furthermore alcohol is harmful to everyone, but it affects those under the 21 the worse.

As we all know, alcohol does not have very many health benefits — rather, it offers a number of unhealthy side effects especially with heavy consumption.

Alcohol use before the full formation of the brain causes a decreased ability in memory, attention, and learning, all of which affect academic performance. Not only does keeping the drinking age at twenty-one increase health benefits, but also benefits their education.

Breath testing and highway fatality rates. There are too many harmful effects of alcohol for it to be consumed by young people.

900 Lives Saved Yearly by Keeping the Drinking Age at 21

However, the new review found that since the legal drinking age was set at 21, young people have been drinking lessand are less likely to get into traffic accidents. Dolehad serious implications for future laws that incentivize state action.

The final search using the primary alcohol-impaired driving search strategy was conducted through December The national drinking law of 21 helps to keep teenagers from engaging in inappropriate and unnecessary acts.

The impact of Massachusetts reduced drinking age on auto accidents. Alcohol separated from any of the options is the fact that alcohol is the number one drug of choice for teenagers and alcohol-related car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers in the United States Tiffin.

Fact Sheets - Age 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age

Policy design, social regulation and theory building: Young women and girls frequently lose their virginity when they have been drinking. The national legal drinking age of 21 should be maintained because alcohol use by adolescents damages the neurological development of the brain, cause psychological effects, furthermore, it will cause unnecessary deaths.

Therefore, for the sheer sake of health, the minimum drinking age should remain at twenty-one years of age. Alcohol still remains the most commonly used date rape drug. She heard voices and she awoke in the hospital to faces so sad.

National Minimum Drinking Age Act

Apparently, states would prefer federal highway funds to a lower drinking age. It may also mask more intense psychological or emotional problems that have developed from fighting in wars Therefore, just because someone is willing to honorably defend the country, does not mean we should lower the drinking age and allow all the bad side effects and outcomes listed above to happen.In addition to maintaining the current legal drinking age, both the government and individuals—especially teachers, parents, and other adults who have direct contact with teens—should increase their efforts to educate adolescents about the dangers of early alcohol use.

Maintaining the Drinking Age Law of 21 Teen alcohol use kills about 6, people each year, more than all illegal drugs combined (Hingson and Kenkel).

Alcohol use by persons under 21 years of age is a major public health problem. Maintaining the Drinking Age Law of 21 Teen alcohol use kills about 6, people each year, more than all illegal drugs combined (Hingson and Kenkel).

Alcohol use by persons under 21 years of age is a major public health problem. Laws that maintain the legal drinking age at 21 save lives on the road, and protect young people from other hazards of drinking, according to a new review of studies.

One argument brought up for lowering the drinking age is that we mature based on experience rather than time, and that there may be little difference between ages 18 and 21, so why not just lower the age to /5(1).

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Argument in Favor of Maintaining the Legal Drinking Age

Many groups make a number of arguments about the state of the current legal drinking age and few seem happy leaving it at 21 where it has been for many years.

Maintaining the drinking age law
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